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Some information about Virtual Crib

  • vCrib allows full home automation.
  • Control lighting, security, audio, and more with vCrib
  • vCrib offers easy to use maps that are user-customizable. You can put your actual house in vCrib
  • The power of vCrib is only limited to your imagination
  • vCrib is the only free home automation software that contains as many (or more) features than most pay-for home automation software
  • vCrib is so easy to use, you can be up and running in no time at all
  • vCrib easily allows you to implement portions as you acquire hardware. You can have a basic system up and running for under $100.
  • vCrib is always under development. Have a feature that you want added? Request it in the forums here

vCrib Administrators and Contributors

We are always looking for more people to help add code and features to vCrib. If there's a feature you would like to see added to vCrib, please contact one of us

  • Vaughn Rupp - Creator
  • Humanzee (Tod) - 1st Tester, Forum moderator
  • SnyperBob (Bob) - 2nd Tester, Wiki Administrator
  • Ytek (Craig) - 3rd Tester, Forum Administrator
  • TheMan (Don) - Web Developer
  • hobbes487 (Brian) - Z-Wave, Web and Bluetooth client developer

If you would like to discuss vCrib, or have any questions regarding this software, please check out the Forums

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