vCrib Backup

Here's the procedure for backing up your vCrib database. This is extremely important to do on a regular basis, and before upgrading vCrib.

1. Open MySQL Administrator. Start by clicking on the Start Menu, then All Programs, then MySQL, then select MySQL Administrator.


2. Log into the program. Enter the password that you created when you initially set up the database here:


3. Once the program loads, click on Backup on the left side of the screen. Click the New Project button on the lower right corner:


4. Click on the vCrib database on the left panel. In this example, the vCrib database name is 'archon_dbo'. The database name should now be selected as shown in the image below. Also, enter the name of the backup in the 'Project Name' field:


5. Click on the '>' button. It should now add all of the database tables to the right panel. If it does not, make sure you click on the database 'archon_dbo', then select the '>' button. After adding the tables to the right panel, click the Execute Backup Now button on the bottom right corner:


6. The backup should start. Once complete you'll see a Backup Finished! box. Click OK:


At this point you have successfully completed a backup of your vCrib database. You may want to put this file on an external drive and store it in a safe place. We keep a copy under our pillow in case something happens :)

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