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List of known Issues

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Installation Problems:

vCrib program problems:

Installation Problems

Problem: Error trying to run the vCrib installation file (downloaded from


Cause: The file you tried to download is bad. Typically this is caused by an incomplete download. The vCrib full install is over 16 Megabytes. You can see here that the downloaded file was too small to be correct


Solution: Delete current file, and redownload the file again from scratch. This should provide better results


Problem: Error during the actual install portion.


Cause: We're not sure the actual cause of the problem. The error message states that there is an error updating the file. You may need to update Windows to Service Pack 2.

Solution: Typically you can just click 'OK' and the installation will continue. As far as we know, you most likely will not experience problems related to this error message

vCrib Program problems

Problem: Error after clicking on 'Actions' tab.


Cause: This error seems to appear after creating location objects on the 'Objects' tab. As far as we know, this is a bug in vCrib release This error should be resolved by release or

Solution: To eliminate the error message, you will need to download updated vcrib.exe and events.exe files. You can also update your MySQL database so you don't need to reload it from scratch.

1. Navigate to the vcrib forums here, scroll down to the second post and click 'Download' on the attached file:


2. Click 'Save' to save the file to your computer:


3. Once download completes, click 'Open':


4. Navigate to the location of your saved file. In this example we saved the file to C:\vcrib folder. Right click on the downloaded file, and select 'Extract Here' (NOTE: You need to have WinRar or WinZip installed to extract the file):


5. You should now see the two files that were inside the zipped file:


6. Copy the files. Select them first, then right click, and select 'Copy':


7. Navigate to where you have vCrib installed. Select Start->My Computer:


8. Click on the C drive to open it:


9. Click on 'Program Files':


10. Click on the vCrib folder:


11. Right anywhere in the white area of the view and select 'Paste' to paste the two files you copied:


12. You will get a prompt to replace an existing file, click 'Yes':


13. You will get another prompt to replace the second file, click 'Yes':


14. Now you need to update your database to finish fixing the problem. Go back to the forum page again and highlight the SQL string posted. Right click after highlighting the text and select 'Copy':


15. Now open the MySQL Query Browser. Click Start->All Programs->MySQL->MySQL Query Browser:


16. Enter in the root password that you specified when you initially installed MySQL. Also enter in the database that you want to update. In this case, vcrib uses archon_dbo:


17. When the program opens, PASTE the text you copied into the query window. To PASTE, just right click in the white area and select 'Paste':


18. Click the 'Execute' button on the right side of the query window:


19. After you click Execute, you should see an update message in the lower left corner of the main program:


At this point you have patched and fixed the mismatch error! Open vCrib again and click on the Actions tab. You'll notice that there is no longer an error. If you make changes within vCrib and get that error again, just run the MySQL Query fix again. You do not need to keep reloading those two files.

This will get resolved with the new version of vCrib (

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