vCrib Upgrade

vCrib is rapidly evolving, and there will be many updates over the upcoming years. Follow this guide to upgrade to newer versions.

We'll go over how to:

Upgrade the Database (script):

1. Open the MySQL Query Browser. First click on the Start menu, then click on All Programs, then MySQL, then click on MySQL Query Browser:


2. Enter the root Password that you created here. Also enter the database that you want to edit. Our vCrib database name is archon_dbo. Click the OK button:


3. When the program loads up, click on File, then click on Open Script:


4. Find where you saved the upgrade script on your hard drive. In this example we're upgrading from version to Select the script, then click the Open button:


5. Click on the Execute button near the top right of the program:


You have successfully updated your database to the newer version. Next we'll show you how to upgrade your executable files.

Upgrading Executable Files:

Typically you will only upgrade the executable files when there are small changes to any of the applications. If you're doing a larger upgrade, you may have to reinstall vCrib from a single msi file to upgrade.

1. Navigate to where you saved and unpacked the new executable files. Select all of the files, right click, and then click on 'Copy':


2. Now navigate to the location of vCrib's installed program files. By default this should be located in C:\Program Files\vCrib\….
Right click anywhere in the white area and select 'Paste':


3. You should get a confirmation message asking if you want to overwrite the original executables. Click 'Yes to All':


Upgrading The Entire vCrib Installation:

1. First off, backup your existing database. In case you have any problems, you can always revert back to your previous state.

2. Copy all of the files in your current install. Usually these files are located at : C:\Program Files\vCrib
Copy all of the files at that location into a backup folder. In case you have any problems, you can always revert back to your previous state.

3. Uninstall vCrib by doing it through your Control Panel in Windows. Click on Start->Control Panel. Then click on Add/Remove programs. Scroll down through the list and find vCrib. Select it and click Remove. (Windows XP). This will uninstall vCrib from your machine. Your database at this point will still remain in tact, just your executables will be removed.

4. Now download the new msi package from the downloads page here:
You will download a file with the extension of .msi. This is a package that includes a self-installer and all executables you need to get up and running.

5. Run the msi file you downloaded above. It should ask where you want to install it. Make sure you choose the same location as your old install. Usually C:\Program Files\vCrib

6. Now at this point you have the newest executables installed on your machine. However, you still have your old database. Download the upgrade script from the downloads page now:
The upgrade script file will usually be a ZIP file. After downloading, unzip the file. Inside, you should have a file with a .sql extension. How you can go thru the procedure for upgrading your database

7. Upgrade the database using an upgrade script

8. Now your database is set to the latest version, and your executables are the latest version. Now all that remains is to copy over your OLD vcrib.ini file. Step 2 above, you were told to backup ALL of your old files. Go to that location that you put all of your old files. Copy vcrib.ini from that location, and paste it into your vCrib's install directory here: C:\Program Files\vCrib

You should be prompted to overwrite the existing vcrib.ini file. Click YES/OK and it will now put your old vcrib.ini file into place.

9. Start up all of the vCrib applications and validate that the install works correctly. You should now see a newer version number at the top of your applications. If you have any issues, please consult the forums and we'll help get you up and running right away!

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